By CBSLA Staff

SANTA BARBARA (CBSLA) — Police need the public’s help to identify a man who was caught on video pushing another man to the ground as a Trump caravan drove through Santa Barbara.

(credit: Santa Barbara Police)

The incident happened at about 3:20 p.m. Saturday in the 1100 block of East Cabrillo Boulevard, next to the East Beach Volleyball Courts. The man who police want to identify was apparently protesting the caravan and flipping off its participants, while a bikini-clad woman with him waved a sign that said, “Dump Trump.”

Police say the man took a red hat and an American flag that was attached to a car that was driving by. When the driver got out and confronted him, video shows the suspect pushing him down.

(credit: Santa Barbara Police)

The man who was pushed down fell to the street in front of an oncoming car. Police say the man was injured in the altercation. It’s not clear if he was actually part of the so-called “Trump Train.”

Video shows a police car arriving on the scene within moments of the altercation, but the suspect took off running toward Butterfly Beach, police said.

The suspect was described as a white man in his 30s, about 6 feet tall, with a thin to medium build, short brown hair, green or blue eyes, with tattoos down both arms, and on his left shoulder. In the video, he was shirtless and appeared to be barefoot.

The woman who accompanied him was described as being white, 25 to 30 years old, with blonde hair, and wore a pink and blue bikini.

Anyone with information about the altercation can call the Santa Barbara Police Department at (805) 897-2346.

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  1. Donald says:

    Typical Biden voters.

    When found, this low-life will be charged for aggravated assault. lol

    1. Victor says:

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

  2. Danny says:

    Why can’t i get some punk like that to try and push me.

  3. Jillian Rainville says:

    I hate idiots like the Trump Train, idiots. But what I hate more is is idiots who can’t restrain themselves and act like adults. Leave the Trump Train idiots alone. They don’t need our help to be stupid.

    1. Victor says:

      Okay stupid.

      You gotta love Joe Biden’s dementia, stupid! lol

  4. I’d like to make a comment on the young woman in photo with ‘Dump Trump’ sign. Oh my. What a beautiful body. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy ..

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