LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Southern California elected officials are wishing President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump a fast recovery after they announced they had tested positive for coronavirus.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a national co-chair of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign, attended Tuesday night’s presidential debate in Cleveland. Garcetti has since tested negative for COVID-19, and “offers his best wishes to the President and First Lady for a full and quick recovery.”

“He followed the medical guidance and procedures at the event provided by the Cleveland Clinic, including being tested upon arrival and wearing a mask at all times,” a statement from Garcetti’s office said. “He did not interact with President Trump, his family, or his staff. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Mayor Garcetti was tested for COVID-19 on Thursday morning, and tested negative.”

California Sen. Kamala Harris, and the Democratic vice presidential nominee, also wished the president and first lady “a full and speedy recovery.”

In a tweet, she said she and her husband, Douglas Emhoff, both tested negative Friday morning.

“This virus is still very much active across our country, please continue to wear a mask and maintain social distancing,” she said in the tweet.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, who recently lost both his mother and stepfather to COVID-19, echoed the wish for a speedy recovery.

“There’s no horror worse than knowing both of your parents are sick with a virus that has no vaccine – and that you can’t hug or see them to comfort them,” Garcia said in a tweet. “I don’t wish that pain on any family.”

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  1. corporal snark says:

    so, is trump delusional enough from covid to give Pelosi her $2.2 trillion dollar pension-bailout cash-cow slushfund stimulus relief for newsom’s underfunded, unsustainable , insolvent CALPERS defined benefit state employee pension system?

  2. corporal snark says:

    and, they are awarding super-spreader, femme-fatale hope hicks with a special commendation for her “mission accomplished”.

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