LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A law firm specializing in religious freedom says a Los Angeles County public health order indirectly prohibits families from observing the Jewish high holy days.

In the initial Sept. 2 order, before the wording was revised, an example given by officials for prohibited gatherings included “having dinner with extended family and friends to honor the High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur),” according to First Liberty Institute.

The county later revised the health officer order on Sept. 13 to prohibit “having a meal with extended family and friends for a religious or cultural holiday”, omitting the specific reference to the Jewish holidays.

Considered the holiest days of the Jewish calendar, Rosh Hashanah begins Friday and Yom Kippur starts on Sept. 27 and ends the following evening.

“Although now hiding behind obscured language, the ban on celebrating the High Holidays with others remains,” wrote Stephanie Taub, senior counsel with First Liberty, which is based in Plano, Texas.

A letter signed by Taub and sent Wednesday to Los Angeles County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis and County Counsel Mary Wickham alleges the “county’s policy threatens enforcement against the upcoming holiday of a religious minority faith” even while the county “has not vigorously policed its stated ban on small gatherings with friends or extended family.”

The letter was also delivered to U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s office.

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In response, a Los Angeles County spokesperson told City News Service the county recognizes that religious services “are central to many of our residents’ lives, especially in these trying times, and religious services have been allowed to be held online and outdoors with physical distancing and the use of face coverings, and they may continue to be held with those public health safeguards in place.”

Rabbi Yisrael Gelb, executive director of Augudath Israel of California, called the county’s protocol involving small gatherings “profoundly disrespectful and disappointing.”

“I plan on honoring the High Holidays as I do every year, by sharing a table with a local family in my congregation,” Gelb said. “We urge the county to reverse its policy and allow us to celebrate our most holy days in peace and safety.”

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  1. Observer11239 says:

    What part of the 1st Amendment don’t these Aholes understand. State and local laws or policies DON’T supersede the US Constitution. Have they banned religious gatherings by Muslims? I don’t think so. They don’t have the balls to that, since the Muslims become aggressive. On the other hand, the really religions of peace get F’d over.

    1. Other@other.com says:

      First amendment doesn’t include spreading disease. Large gatherings are only allowed to protest loot and burn

  2. rhonda says:

    they can’t do that.. ignore it folks

  3. Mister Love says:

    There is no god, so this doesn’t matter.

    1. Tony Rocha says:

      … and like clockwork, the internet-atheist arrives and completely misses the point.

      1. Mister Love says:

        The point is that there is no god. Learn to read English, son.

    2. Jesse says:

      What makes you think you have a right to believe that?

  4. BT says:



  5. So when are Jews going to wake up and realize this is how it began in 1933?

    Dems are the new NSDAP: National Socialist Democrat Activist Party, 2020.

    1. alicat2441 says:

      I’ve been saying this for years. Hopefully the secular Jews are noticing.

  6. Him Again says:

    Gold stars are next for everyone……oops, they are already here and they are called “masks.”

  7. Gus Borden says:

    Just ignore them. Jewish holiday or not you do not need to consent to any of this theatre – they work for you.

  8. mini2be says:

    Californians: The way to fix all of these problems is to vote democrat in November!

  9. Truthseerguy says:

    Hard truth: Who cares? You are Jews and do not belong there. Let them make all the laws they want. Over here, we wonder “why won’t you come home?”. Why do you build a house in the wilderness? It is a waste of your time. Give it up. Give up your materialistic clinging to a dying western culture and its failed morality. Come to Israel. Now is the time.

  10. MountainMan says:

    I’m personally Christian – but I believe in our freedom of religion as a foundation of our country. So I stand with my fellow American Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, etc in their right to assemble for their faith. Our Democratic Party, however has made it very clear we cannot safely assemble as a group in our churches, synagogues and temples for what might be only one hour – even if we wear masks and space the chairs six feet apart.

    But its ok for BLM, Antifa, Occupy etc to assemble in large, tightly crowded groups with no masks for countless hours at a time – at times screaming and spitting in the faces of people quietly enjoying a safe outdoor dinner? A more pragmatic example… Its ok for 150+ people to board a plane sitting right next to each other in a small, captive aluminum tube for 5 straight hours domestically or up to 16 hours internationally? But one hour in a church, synagogue or temple 6 ft apart is bad.

    The Dems COVID response was never about our safety but rather their strategy to destabilize our country and economy while removing peoples freedoms – especially religion. They have verbally and in silent complicity allowed violent radicals to continue unabated violence all over the country to solidify fear, even recently threatening/holding us hostage to more violence if Biden isn’t elected. Please consider this when you vote – we are literally voting this November for freedom vs radical violent communism. The democratic party today is not the democratic party of the past. God Bless to all and Happy Rosh Hashanah to my Jewish friends.

  11. Ira kroll says:

    Just get together with friends and family for a dinner protest. Because we know (at least the government has told us so) that protesting is safe.

  12. Michael Mesmer says:

    Um, constitutional rights have restrictions on them. For example, and once again for those of you who weren’t paying attention in school, I can’t libel or slander someone. I can’t shout fire in a crowded movie theater. I can’t threaten to murder someone. There are restrictions.

    The general welfare is threatened by people who don’t adhere to health guidelines. If we want to get back to normal and save our economy, we have to do the patriotic thing and mask up. It’s for everyone’s health.

  13. the Gallaher's says:

    Looking at the LA Times and other local news sites, just now on a Google search, there were multiple articles about celebrating Muslim holidays during Covid. In Houston, TX the officials released data saying to go to a synagogue or church was high risk for Covid, but going to a Mosque was low risk. This is a fascist attempt to destroy the Jewish culture specifically, and the Christian and all non Muslim/Arab religions, to literally and reduce them to sub human status, like Hitler did and many countries are repeating today. This needs a huge response from the Jewish community as well as the few Americans left that still want and will fight for religious freedom and our other God given freedoms, and those protected by our Bill of Rights.

  14. Michele Michael says:

    That’s kind of funny that they included Yom Kippur or Day of Atonement in this thing — as it is a day of fasting, LOL.

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