San Bernardino Reported 1 Additional Death, 370 CasesBy CBSLA Staff

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Riverside and San Bernardino counties both reported additional deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus Thursday, while Ventura County reported additional cases.

Riverside County health officials reported 397 newly confirmed cases and 20 additional fatalities over the weekend, bringing countywide totals to 53,703 confirmed cases and 1,053 deaths. There were 45,313 reported recoveries.

Officials said 189 confirmed COVID-19 patients were hospitalized Thursday, with 60 being treated in intensive care units.

San Bernardino County health officials reported 370 newly confirmed cases and one additional fatality, bringing countywide totals to 48,615 confirmed cases and 744 deaths. An estimated 42,727 people had recovered.

As of Monday, the county’s latest update, there were 292 confirmed coronavirus patients hospitalized, with 98 being treated in intensive care units.

Ventura County health officials reported 84 newly confirmed cases, bringing the countywide total to 10,890. Of those who had contracted the illness, 9,814 had recovered, 960 were active and 116 had died.

Officials said 63 confirmed COVID-19 patients were hospitalized Thursday, with 12 being treated in intensive care units.

As of Thursday evening, 537,520 Riverside County residents, 497,549 San Bernardino County residents and 158,352 Ventura County residents had been tested for COVID-19.

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