LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A large group of approximately 300 demonstrators gathered in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday afternoon near the Hall of Justice, moving to the south lawn of City Hall later in the evening.

A protester holds a sign at a demonstration outside the Hall of Justice in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday. (CBSLA)

The group was protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake by police on Sunday and the shooting deaths of protesters Tuesday night — both in Kenosha, Wisconsin — as well as the shooting death of Anthony McClain by Pasadena police on Aug. 15.

“This movement here is going to be better than the Martin Luther King movement, because we have all different diversified types of people joining us,” R.C. Demmings, a protester who came to L.A. from Seattle, said. “I would love to see a peaceful protest, peaceful rallies, but enough of enough.”

Wednesday marked the third night of local protests in response to the events in Kenosha.

“Fundamental change looks like a world without white supremacy, a world without male supremacy, a world without a destruction of our planet and without war,” Luna Hernandez, a protester, said.

On Monday, protesters faced off with officers in riot gear outside of the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters. Video from the scene showed some protesters throwing bottles and officers deploying tear gas. At least three officers were injured, police said, though there were no arrests.

On Tuesday, a small group of demonstrators gathered on the north side of First Street, across from the LAPD headquarters, around 10 p.m. and marched toward the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, near Bauchet and Vignes streets. L.A. sheriff’s deputies watched the scene, but did not engage with the protestors.

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  2. Sorry fools, the majority of us want the Police around. YOU LOSE.

  3. Joe says:

    Gotta tell ya, it looked like a justified shooting. Blake was trying to get back into his car while the police were demanding he puts his hands up. He could easily have been reaching for a gun or even the knife they found. This guy is probably well known to the local police as a complete A-hole. I mean the police were called to the scene because he was beating up his girlfriend. Clearly violence is nothing new to him. Much like Floyd, Blake too has a very long arrest record.

    Here’s a thought, next time the police tell you to put your hands up don’t hurry back to your car where you have a knife hidden.

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