The school estimated the damage to be at least $30,000.By CBSLA Staff

CULVER CITY (CBSLA) – An elementary school in Culver City suffered at least $30,000 in damage after vandals broke in and trashed one of its classrooms.

(Los Angeles School Police Department)

The Los Angeles School Police Department reported Wednesday that Stoner Avenue Elementary School, located at 11735 Braddock Dr., was hit by vandals over the weekend.

Officers responded to an alarm at the school to find several suspects fleeing. None of them were caught.

When they entered, they found a classroom which had been destroyed, with cabinets open, items strewn across the floor and paint thrown against the walls.

The school estimated the damage to be at least $30,000, LASPD reports.

No arrests have been made. It’s unclear if there was any surveillance video of the suspects, or whether investigators had a motive.


The L.A. Unified School District will kick off its fall semester the week of Aug. 17. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all students will be learning remotely and will not be on campuses.

Anyone with information on the vandalism can call L.A. School police at 213-625-6631.

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  1. Ziggy says:

    Vandalized school on Stoner Svenue. PRICELESS!!

  2. Ziggy says:

    Vandalized school named the STONER Avenue Elementary School…..


  3. Lori Harvey says:

    School not in Culver City. We have 5 elementary schools Stoner Avenue is not one of them. I am sorry the school went through this though LAUSD

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