LANCASTER (CBSLA) — Two people have been arrested in connection with the brutal beating and robbery of an 82-year-old grandfather and husband of 42 years.

Damaris Wade, 22, and Tamika White, 33, turned themselves into authorities and are currently in custody.

The pair are accused of attacking Roberto Flores Lopez inside the bathroom at Superior Grocers on East Avenue J in Lancaster last Wednesday.

“It was a big thing off my shoulders that he is off the streets, that he can’t do that to someone else that is elderly,” said Lopez’s son Francisco Ordorico.

The Sheriff’s department said Lopez’s family and the family of one of the suspects met on Saturday night.

The July 8th attack left Lopez with a broken jaw, a broken nose, and several fractures that got him sent to the intensive care unit.

Lopez’s daughter, Cecilia Ramirez, said due to the coronavirus pandemic they have not been able to visit their dad in the hospital but have kept in touch with video calls.

“I want him to sit in that jail and think about what he did to my father and our family and what we had to go through because of a couple of bucks,” Ramirez said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to assist with Lopez’s medical bills. Click here for more information.

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  1. trito says:

    two black low lives on the way home from beverly hill shopping spree

  2. LLOYD HOOTEN says:

    Thank God they caught these low lifes. as a 82 year old man, I was very concerned for my safety.+

  3. All lives says:

    Hey the BLACKS want the DEFUNDING of the police so they can KILL, HURT and COMMIT CRIMES LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO, and do anything they want to anyone they want!!!! They are commiting crimes on history…..

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