CRENSHAW (CBSLA) — Black Americans are looking to showcase their economic power this Tuesday by refusing to spend money, except at Black-owned businesses.

As #BlackoutDay2020 trended across social media, the day was aimed at highlighting how the Black dollar powers the larger U.S. economy and how the America would be a very different place if Black consumers didn’t participate.

Roslynn Marzan decided to try Hotville Chicken in the Crenshaw District for the first time, in honor of the day.

“One of my girlfriends sent me a text and reminded me today,” she said as she picked up her order.

Marzan made her lunch selection after getting her COVID-19 test at the Forum in nearby Inglewood. She went with the intent of helping a Black-owned business stay in the red.

“On a daily basis you have to be mindful and be vigilant about being thoughtful about other people,” she said.

With the current pandemic — as well as incidents of looting across the country that arose during a period of civil unrest due to the death of George Floyd — businesses have faced loads of economic challenges.

According to Nielsen, African Americans spent more than a trillion dollars on consumer good in 2018 alone. So, a day without the spending power of Black Americans can have an impact.

Through the hardship, fashion designer Ngozika Okeke has been offering face masks with Ankara prints to reflect her Nigerian roots.

“There has been a resurgence of black pride in the things that we do collectively as a community,” she said.

Hotville Chicken, owned by Kim Prince, was part of an awareness campaign on Yelp.

“I’m glad that the flags are being raised,” Prince said. “Antennas are up. Everybody’s got their radar on, cause that type of sensitivity, it’s necessary considering the things that have been happening.”

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