WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department West Hollywood Station said Wednesday it would start citing people for not wearing face coverings.

The department said it took the step after receiving a number of complaints about people not wearing face coverings in West Hollywood.

According to the statement, deputies have been educating people on the importance of face coverings since the first public health order and would start issuing the $250 citations this month following Gov. Gavin Newsom’s June 18 order requiring them statewide.

The second offense will come with a $1,000 fine, the third a $2,000 fine. If caught a fourth time without a mask, the person will be hit with a $5,000 fine.

Each of the non-criminal administrative citations also come with a $50 processing fee.

“Our last option was to conduct enforcement by issuing an Administrative Citation, but the risk to community health is too great,” the statement said.

The West Hollywood station polices the city of West Hollywood and unincorporated communities of Franklin Canyon, Universal City — including Universal Theme Park, Studios, and Citywalk — and the Federal Enclave in West Los Angeles.

As of Wednesday, Los Angeles County reported it had more than 105,000 total cases of the novel coronavirus and 3,400 deaths.

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  1. DEvans says:

    Face diapers are to viruses what chain link fencing is to mosquitoes. If you’re scientifically illiterate enough to believe they do anything other than make you look like a neurotic freak, then you should also believe that the one you’re wearing protects you. If, on the other hand, you’re a fascist who has discovered a way to make his psychosis and cowardice look like virtues, you will demand that everyone else diaper up, too.

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