LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – A relaxing vacation for an Eagle Rock family quickly turned stressful when they say they discovered a woman staying in their home while they were gone.

The woman seen entering the residence on security camera was seen trying to break in on several other cameras. Neighbors say they know her name, they have a picture of her and now they’re just waiting for police to get her off the streets.

The Woodruff family says the woman known as Bree stole their car, returned in a friend’s car to their home and let themselves in. Video footage shows a stream of cars and visitors who the Woodruffs say they do not know.

Their cleaning lady arrived Tuesday morning to a suspicious situation and left to call police.

“Never once on the video did she seem concerned that police are gonna show up or anything,” said Jeff Woodruff, who says he later found Bree took the family’s personal photos off the walls of the home and stacked them on their bed.

The family says the woman seen here has been spotted in the area. (credit: CBS)

They later learned on Facebook that the woman has been seen on camera over and over trying to break into other nearby homes and cars.

One woman says she tried to follow the woman but stopped when she saw she had a screwdriver.

Another neighbor said the woman came back to the Woodruffs’ home later to get her tarot cards and her mask.

“She’s not well,” the neighbor said.

The Woodruffs say they now have someone staying at the home and they plan to move following the incident.

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  1. John Young says:

    Here’s an example where the intervention of a sociologist or psychologist might be preferable to a call from the police since the home invaders seem not to have criminal intent.

    1. jeffrey d says:

      how do u know they didn’t have criminal intent?

    2. Spencer says:

      Do you even know what sociologist and psychologists do? You sound like a perfect victim…I mean person I can test this on

  2. John Old says:

    John Young, are you insane, no criminal intent??? Since when is grand theft auto and home invasion not criminal? You are a perfect example of the problem in this country.

  3. John says:

    Yeah that’s perfect for a Community Volunteer to solve. OTOH, unfortunately in this day and age, that’s a civil issue and the PD won’t get involved anyway. Unless maybe they make a citizens arrest for vandalism, malicious mischief. For which she gets a ticket and a get out of jail free card, anyway. Woke progressive socialism is so nice to have.

  4. Mike says:

    Here come the “law and order” bros hoping and praying for mayhem just to prove their point.

  5. This is what happens when our government refuses to acknowledge the depth of damage done by ignoring or defunding agencies and facilities to house and help the mentally ill citizens. It seems that a lot of you subscribe to the’ law and order ‘ ethic : just arrest and fine them, then turn them loose on the street or jail them for inability to pay the fine.
    That same faulty logic can be applied to all those not wearing masks as an expression of personal freedom in a time of rapidly spreading and lethal COVID19 and then complaining about their local government prohibiting large July 4th gatherings as impeding “their personal freedom.”

    The way we see it here Saint Augustine with at least an inkling of common sense on display is,
    “Mask it or casket.”

    Enough said.

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