UPLAND (CBSLA) — A small plane crashed in Upland Wednesday, but the pilot survived and was helped from the downed craft.

The crash happened right off the runway at Cable Airport in Upland. It’s not clear if the plane was taking off or landing.

One man was seen being helped from the downed craft, which appeared to have landed in a dry creek beyond the runway. He was able to walk and get on a stretcher on his own.

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  1. Brian Smith says:

    Cable Airport is in Upland. Claremont is just west of the locale.

  2. Jennifer says:

    The area southwest of Cable Airport, just beyond the runway, has always been designated for commercial use. Now developer has proposed to change zoning to residential, for a housing development with over 100 units.
    So close to the airport that there is a required emergency landing strip in the middle of the proposed development. They are calling it a park. Can’t have trees, to protect planes. Surrounded by commercial uses.
    Cable is a private airport. No tower to direct traffic. Planes are flown by amateur recreational pilots, including a flight school, all day and night. Plus heliport for police helicopters 24/7. Leaded gas/pollution from planes right over head. Noise from all sorts of planes, including very old, very noisy. Developer says that it will be fine, because extra insulation will make it quieter—unless you want to open a window or go outside.
    Neighbors much farther away have repeatedly asserted that the airplane noise greatly impacts everyday living. With insight from their own experience living near the airport, many neighbors have opposed the proposed residential project on behalf of those who would live there, where planes will be immediately overhead.
    Crashes at Cable Airport during the time that the residential plan is going through approval process with City of Claremont include a fatal crash into a house 11/7/2019, also crashes 6/15/2019, 5/1/2019, 9/17/2018. Developer says not unsafe because the airport-related crashes haven’t occurred exactly on the property for the proposed housing development, just on other adjacent properties.
    How is this even happening? It is already zoned commercial. City of Claremont recently had a failed ballot initiative to increase sales tax. Now proposing to remove 6.5 acres of potential commercial property in order to place residential under airport. Let it be low density commercial use like all the properties surrounding.

    1. Christine says:

      Jennifer is correct. The airport is a problem to neighbors in general, rarely following noise-abatement guidelines, sending small noisy planes overhead at all hours, especially on weekends. On top of these problems, it is ludicrous to have the cities of Claremont and Upland propose to build a residential complex essentially at the end of the take-off flight path, with planes only about 400 ft in altitude overhead, and with an avigation easement for emergency landing masquerading as a park.

  3. Bob says:

    It’s so obvious that the reasons are overwhelming NOT to build closely-packed homes right in front of airplanes taking off. The developer should know better. The city shouldn’t waste the time of staff considering it and residents responding to it.

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