LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A Los Angeles County judge has approved a $0 bail for some offenders.

The emergency order will cover most misdemeanors and low level felonies, and will be in effect until further notice.

The temporary $0 bail schedule goes into effect at 5 p.m. Saturday, and is meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Bail for individuals previously arrested under the $0 bail order, and re-arrested for separate offenses will be set in accordance with the non-$0 bail schedule. Similarly, crimes of violence and higher-level felonies won’t be covered under the $0 bail order.

The order comes as the Judicial Council’s prior $0 bail schedule was set to expire.

“During this state of emergency, it is necessary to assure persons accused of nonviolent felonies and most misdemeanors are not held in jail pre-trial,” Presiding Judge Brazile said. “The Court is working with its justice partners to protect the public on all fronts, including slowing the spread of COVID-19 within our jails, courthouses and communities.”

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