SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) — A Los Angeles woman was arrested in connection with looting in Santa Monica during recent protests.

(credit: Santa Monica Police Department)

Amanda Van Dusye was arrested Thursday on suspicion of burglary, grand theft and burglary during a state of emergency after a search warrant executed in in Los Angeles revealed thousands of dollars’ worth of merchandise stolen from Santa Monica businesses, Santa Monica police said.

Violence broke out on May 31 during a protest and march in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, and several businesses in downtown Santa Monica were looted and burned.

Santa Monica police Chief Cynthia Renaud says the department is working with partner agencies to find and arrest those who committed acts of violence and theft that day.

Anyone with information about the looting and other crimes committed on May 31 in Santa Monica can call (310) 458-8451.

Van Dusye has been released after posting $100,000 bail. Her first appearance in court has been scheduled for June 22.

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  1. Holly Golightly says:

    How are these looters able to post bail?

    1. Noel says:

      Because they are part of the sunrise group they are well organized and have affiliations with ANTIFA and big name politicians.

      1. Teddie says:

        LOL Idiot

  2. Rexx says:

    No bail remember cited and released for more trouble in the same night even

  3. Michael Ly says:

    hahahahhaahah i love it f kin looter

  4. ACABallday says:

    You’re all tools. Capitalism can rot.

    1. Dr Flakeslayer says:

      No doubt you pecked that out on your iPhone while suckling upon a Frappuccino. Lots of time on your hands before high school starts up again.

  5. If wanting her to carry my love child is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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