CABAZON (CBSLA) — An employee at Morongo Casino Resort & Spa has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the company said Wednesday.

The employee, who management said did not have direct contact with guests, reported Monday that they had tested positive for COVID-19.

“In accordance with the health and safety protocols established by our healthcare consultants, MCRS has directed the team member not to return to work until medical professionals deem the person is healthy,” the company said in a statement.

According to the statement, the company had contacted 11 team members who interacted with the individual, though none reported experiencing any symptoms. The company said they were being tested for coronavirus and would not be allowed to return to work until medical professionals confirm they do not have the illness.

Morongo reopened May 22 to much fanfare after being closed for about two months due to public health orders with some major changes in an effort to keep staff and guests healthy.

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  1. wherethemoronsgo says:

    “Morongo reopened… with some major changes in an effort to keep staff and guests healthy.”

    Those “changes” Morongo made are honestly embarrassing. Essentially, Morongo is operating as usual while giving putting on the mask of security theater. If you take time to observe the actual changes that have been implemented, it is all at the expense of the workers in order to recuperate losses from the 2 month quarantine.

    So follow the “changes” with me here:
    Staff cut by roughly 25%.
    Wages have been cut for some.
    The casino floor has the vast majority of machines operating and only a select few are outfitted with plastic dividers.
    The hotel still continues to operate at a near maximum capacity.
    Visitor count is being done by “feel” according to Morongo COO Richard St.Jean.

    With these “changes” in mind do you think they truly care about an employee testing positive? Mornogo just flips the PR switch while the casino continues to push the limits of what is acceptable post quarantine. If someone were to die it would be of their least concern.

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