REDLANDS (CBSLA) – Investigators are trying to determined what caused a three-alarm blaze which tore through an Amazon Distribution Center in Redlands early Friday morning while employees were working inside. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

June 5, 2020. (CBSLA)

The blaze was reported at 5:30 a.m. at 2255 West Lugonia Ave., in the area of the 10 Freeway and Mountain View Avenue.

Video from the scene showed huge flames and plumes of black smoke shooting hundreds of feet into the air. There were several Amazon big rigs parked outside which also caught fire.

“All I could hear is my supervisors yelling, ‘Fire,’ and ‘Get out of the building as fast as you can,'” employee Aquila Canteen told CBSLA. “And all I could see was people scattering.”

There were about 40 employees inside when the fire broke out.

“Within 15 minutes the whole back of the building collapsed and exploded,” Canteen said.

In a statement to CBSLA, Amazon said the warehouse is operated by a third-party company called Kuehne and Nagel which specifically helps Amazon ship very large items.

“We are glad everyone is safe, and thankful for the efforts of the local firefighters and first responders,” Amazon wrote. “This site was operated by a third party and we will support them throughout this process.”

June 5, 2020. (CBSLA)

The fire was brought under control by 11 a.m., but crews with the Redlands and San Bernardino County firefighters remained on scene dousing hot spots.

Investigators were collecting security video from inside the store to try and determine what caused the blaze. Kuehne and Nagel workers told CBSLA they are not allowed to store combustible items in the building.

One employee told CBSLA that he didn’t see sprinklers or hear any fire alarms.

“I didn’t hear no fire alarms, I didn’t see no fire sprinklers, nothing,” employee Chris Smith said.

“That is highly concerning, we’re looking at a modern building with the latest advances installed inside the building regarding fire protection systems,” Redlands Fire Chief Jim Topoleski told CBSLA. “It’s highly concerning, that’s why we’re bringing in outside resources to help us look at the cause and origin.”

Topoeski also called the speed at which the fire spread in a building larger than 300,000 square-feet “highly unusual.” It’s also unclear if the fire is linked to a second three-alarm fire which occurred at Splash Kingdom Waterpark early last month.

The 10 Freeway was shut down in both directions for several hours, but has since reopened. Amazon expected “minimal” impact to customer orders from the incident.

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  1. Local News says:

    Is it really that hard to verify an address to know if LGB4 is on fire or not?

  2. Paul says:

    Congrats on not making a simple Google search to see what business is really there.–nagel-inc/. Logistics company Amazon uses.

  3. Krystal says:

    Amazon kneeled

    1. MarkeyFarrell says:

      Kneeling gives them the better opportunity to hit you in the head from behind and steal your wallet.

  4. LUIS MARTINEZ says:

    Any “PROTESTERS” around???

    1. diana h says:

      the word you’re looking for are “rioters”. protesters are those who are peacefully marching for BLM awareness.

      1. Francis says:

        Luis put “PROTESTERS” in caps with quotes for a reason. I believe he did because the media it trying to gloss over/excuse the acts of criminals and domestic terrorists (like BLM) and glorify the protesters for expressing themselves. I just wish more of the protesters would act to stop the violence and not stand around cheering and taking cellphone video.

      2. MarkeyFarrell says:

        “BLM awareness” LMFAO. Are you even aware that the entire BLM ‘movement’ is based on a lie? The entire thing is bs and is completely proven by HONEST facts.

      3. RG says:

        MarkeyFarrel get out of here with your “HONEST facts” – just admit that you’re racist, come to terms with it and the fact that you’re a bad human with abysmal views that wants to avoid giving every American, regardless of their race, justice, equity and dignity. Have the courage to own it and look yourself in the mirror, don’t hide behind some totally bogus claim about facts and lies that helps you feel good about being despicable.

      4. luismartinez says:

        protesters are those who are peacefully marching….
        They are only protesters duringdaylight, looters and rioters after dark.

      5. luismartinez says:

        BLM and ANTIFA are terrorist organization; should be taken down by the FBI with a COINTELPRO move, like the Black Panthers, the Weathermen, Symbionese Liberation Army,

      6. A Tatterson says:

        Thank you to the BLM “supporters” here who just continue to validate the truth… as soon as someone calls upon actual Facts you immediately scream “RACIST”.
        That’s all you have. You have absolutely nothing to back up your emotional adolescent cries. All FACTS prove that BLM is a lie. Especially when half of your charter describes tearing down the nuclear family (which is the actual reason blacks are in this predicament) and validating trans and the other two dozen sexual “proclivities” in our backwards culture. What does that have to do with black lives? The majority of blacks do NOT subscribe to that.
        Admit it, you are all bored, brainwashed idiots.
        Have a nice, healthy, moral day 🙂

      7. Wonnerber Snerr says:

        Don’t forget about the Antifa infiltrators… they are often described as “protestors”, because they cowardly hide behind the legitimate protestors, using them as a human shield. The protestors (real protestors) need to police their own, and beat the sh!+ out of them (antifa infiltrators) when identified. They (antifa) are giving the protestors (real) a bad rep. Unless this is done, all this protesting is for nothing, because people in general are going to associate all the rioting/looting/arson with the protests and just make things worse for their cause. There are FAR more protestors than antifa maggots… RISE UP and smash them into the dirt from which they came!

  5. Like Drudge? For more real California news, check out

  6. Oveida Sinclair says:

    Sounds like a prearranged and convenient fire/arson to me, Amazon is part of the Globalist as is Bezo, it’s a parasitic crony capitalist company.

  7. David A says:

    The Anarchists and Arsonists using their father’s tool…Fire

  8. Donald Diego says:

    I participated in an online discussion!

  9. Stephen Gill says:

    It’s a great way to become unemployed for good if it is inside arson.

  10. Ken Charbonneau says:

    I heard a protester recording that said to stop burning the stores you visit but to burn down the globalist. It even mentioned Amazon specifically because of the slave like treatment in their warehouses.

    1. Captain Obvious says:

      Impressive. You should make an arrest.

    2. Rick Keithley says:

      My daughter works for Amazon at one of their distribution centers in Florida and she raves about how she loves her job. They pay her very well too. I’ve heard the same things about them being slave-drivers, but according to my daughter, it just isn’t like that…at least not at the one she is working at.

      1. Wonnerber Snerr says:

        You must understand that there are many people who view having to work at all, anywhere, for anyone, a form of slavery. These are the parasites who suck off the government teit, or frivolous lawsuits, or are living in their parent’s basements into their 40’s (they only move out then because their parents die, and they can’t even afford the property taxes on the house). These people are entitled and would never be happy having to earn their own way. And please, don’t anyone use the “race” card on this comment… I didn’t mention race or even hint at it. If you think I did, then that’s your own mind reading that into it, meaning, YOU’RE racist! And remember, ALL races are replete with useless parasites, so no one should feel superior, nor inferior, and should hate all races equally.

  11. Jerome Snaper says:

    Happy Ramadan!

  12. Jean Vallee says:

    I`d like my $128.00 for “Prime” shipping refunded. Two weeks for delivery is so 1950`s.

  13. Jean Vallee says:

    A.T. F. is on the case.
    Hide your dogs and children!

  14. Realist says:

    hard to believe both buildings are burned at the same time, no alarms, no sprinklers… Terrorist act in my book

    1. rbbrittain says:

      Your book is fiction. By all reports only one of the two side-by-side warehouses burned; the water park is on the opposite side of the surviving warehouse. The fire started inside the warehouse that burned. Nothing can be ruled out, but numerous possible accidental OR criminal explanations are FAR more likely than terrorism.

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