With isolation extended in many areas due to the coronavirus pandemic, learning at home will become an even greater challenge for parents in the coming weeks.

But never fear parents. The James Dyson Foundation, Dyson’s charitable arm, has come up with some 44 fun science and engineering challenges to inspire kids’ minds engaged at home.

Comprised of 22 science tasks and 22 engineering activities, the range of “Challenge Cards” created by engineers at the British home appliances company can be completed by children using common household items such as eggs, string, plastic bottles, dish soap and balloons.

Among the 44 experiments offered, you can build a cardboard boat from scratch, recreate the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco from spaghetti, race a balloon-powered car, measure the speed of light with chocolate and a microwave oven and build a lava lamp.

You can even design a usable chair out of cardboard to understand weight distribution.

Each card has a list of materials, simple instructions and a brief description of how the project works.

The goal is to peel kids away from the computer screen for a playful, hands-on introduction to the world of science and engineering.

Several of the projects also have YouTube videos that help kids visualize some of the more detailed activities.

Dyson’s challenge cards are available to download for free. Once a challenge is completed, mini engineers are urged to share the results on social media using the hashtag #JDFChallenge.


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