(CBS Local)– 20 years after starring in “Gladiator” with Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen remains one of the most respected actors in Hollywood.

Nielsen recently made a big splash in 2017 when she played Hippolyta in “Wonder Woman” with Gal Gadot and has a new movie coming out this week called “Inheritance” with Patrick Warburton. In this movie, Nielsen and her family go on a wild and thrilling ride as they discover things about her husband’s life after he dies.

“The character I play is this matriarch and lawyer who is very sharp and leading her family after her husband’s sudden death,” said Nielsen in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “With his death come a whole bunch of secrets that we didn’t realize existed. It comes out in the open and that addresses a bunch of traumas that the family has been through. It’s left up to the rest of us to deal with the outcomes of those secrets. A lot of people don’t leave their things in good order.”

“Inheritance” will be available on demand and for digital download on Friday, May 22. While Nielsen has been in a lot of great movies over the years, “Wonder Woman” will always hold a special place in heart because of the impact of the film.

“For me it was the realization that female action heroes are as important to young guys as male superheroes,” said Nielsen. “That was extraordinary and I remember there was a moment at the premiere when my son was so excited about the action. After that, we saw many games like Fortnite with female avatars. There’s no embarrassment about having a very good looking body as a woman. If you’re used to thinking of the other gender as your equal, you’re going to have a much better relationship. We really have to watch out for our progress and keep it.”

Another experience that stands out in Nielsen’s career was the TV show “The Following” with Kevin Bacon. While the subject matter of the drama was heavy at times, Nielsen enjoyed every minute of working with someone as talented and kind as Bacon.

“He is such a great guy. I’m sure people are so tired of hearing that and they’d love to hear something spicy, but the guys is truly a grade A actor,” said Nielsen. “He is so damn handsome in that quirky way and so lovely. He is a lovely person.”

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