IRVINE (CBSLA) – A man was arrested in an FBI raid on an Irvine home Wednesday morning.

Jason Fong, 24, was arrested by Irvine police on weapons charges. (CBSLA)

The raid took place a little before 6 a.m. in the 5300 block of Royale Avenue, near Irvine Valley College and the Oak Creek Golf Club.

Agents were seen taking a resident of the home, identified as 24-year-old Jason Fong, into custody. Federal officials said Irvine police arrested Fong on weapons charges.

For hours FBI agents could be seen in Fong’s garage cataloging long white boxes wrapped in evidence tape with illustrations of guns on them and boxes labeled ammunition.

Fong’s mother told CBS2 her son served six years in the Marine Corps and was a legal gun owner.

“He maybe sometimes has (sic) a temper,” Fong’s mother said. “But he never threatening people’s lives, never.”

She said the SWAT team broke down the door of the home, splintering the wood in a number of places.

“I think this is kind of fascist,” she added. “The government can do this just because people have guns, whatever.”

Fong’s mother also said that her son’s computer was seized in the search.

“They probably suspect he is something else,” she said. “I’m not really involved in his social life, but he’s a good kid.”

Neighbors said they have seen law enforcement watching Fong’s home for several weeks, though officials would not say what led to the raid.

Fong’s mother said she believes her son has been framed by someone who does not like him.

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    oh no…isn’t that the vacation home of Councilman Jose Huizar??

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    Why can I see only one comment but it shows had three? It is Chinese media often does.

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