(CBS Local)– Acting has always been the main thing for Talia Balsam.

Both of Balsam’s parents were actors, Balsam’s first husband was George Clooney, and she got to act with her husband John Slattery on “Mad Men.” While Balsam has made a name for herself on TV shows like “Divorce,” “Homeland,” and “Mad Men,” the actor recently got the chance to star in a movie called “South Mountain,” about a woman who gets her life turned upside down by her husband and kids.

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“It was great. The way the movie unfolds is exactly how I felt while we were doing it,” said Balsam in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “We did shoot in order and the story does evolve in that way. It’s almost like a play in sections. You can watch the movie and see how it settles in. It’s really beautiful. I loved the movie. It is a coming of middle age story. This marriage ends abruptly and a new family and baby comes in. When you think life is going one way, it’s really hard to rearrange yourself.

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Balsam believes in getting parts for a specific reason and she felt a little kinship with her character Lila in the movie because her son was getting set to go off to college while she did the movie. While the actor has had many great experiences in her career, one of her favorites was “Mad Men” because it is an all-time great show and she got to work directly with her husband Slattery.

“Sometimes I feel like it’s the first day of school on jobs, but with Mad Men I didn’t feel that way because I knew everyone there,” said Balsam. “That makes me nervous too, but I knew Matt Weiner and it was such a great part. That made me less nervous and you feel like you’re in such a disguise with the costume and all that. I loved doing that job. I think a lot of the same things are going on with different clothing. Some people would say we’ve changed a lot in the workplace, but I think that it might have been saying not so much.”

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“South Mountain” is now streaming on VOD. Watch all of DJ Sixsmith’s interviews from “The Sit-Down” series here.