LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The mayor’s fund for the city of Los Angeles has raised millions in contributions. But where is the money going?

Half of the money raised is going to what’s called the Angeleno Card, a debit card filled with up to $1,500.

But one man who applied got an email saying he was rejected. Or did he?

The man, who only wants to be known as “Peter”, received a letter after applying for the city’s Angeleno Card addressed to Manuel Mendez – but that’s not his name.

“No, I am not! I’m not Manuel Mendez at all!” Peter said. “I said, ‘Well, is it possible that I did get it? But that they mixed up the email?’ I have no clue!”

The Angeleno Card was announced by Mayor Eric Garcetti last month. So far, 450,000 people have applied. They’ve raised about $20 million in private donations, so only 20,000 cards will be distributed.

Yusef Robb, the advisor for the mayor’s fund, admits there are glitches, like the email that Peter got and other complaints CBSLA’s David Goldstein found online – including one person who got the card and says it was never filled with money.

“We’ve scrubbed our systems and identified of the 450,000 total applications we received, several dozen mistakes like that where people’s names were switched and whatnot, we’re in the process – and we’ve already corrected some of those – of going back and scrubbing our lists,” he said.

Peter says he never heard anything after getting the email with the wrong name, and says some one with the city says he’s not the only one whose name was mixed up.

“No. Nobody called me for that at all,” he said.

The mayor’s fund says more than likely both men were rejected. And if you were, your name automatically stays in the system and if more money is raised, more cards will be given out.