MALIBU (CBSLA) – As a late April heatwave is likely to see crowds return to local beaches this weekend, one of Southern California’s most famous beach cities is saying “don’t do it”.

The city of Malibu Thursday urged residents of neighboring communities not to travel to Malibu and for all local residents to stay home as all beaches, parks, trails and parking areas in the Malibu area remain closed.

Temporary no-parking zones will also be enforced along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) during stay-at-home orders, officials said.

This weekend, Malibu will use the Wireless Alert System (WEA), which is similar to Amber Alerts, to send out messages to all cellphones within range of cell towers in Malibu to reinforce its stay-at-home message.

Malibu Mayor Karen Farrer asked the public to make a “sacrifice” in order to protect seniors and other vulnerable groups from COVID-19.

“It is difficult for all of us, in Malibu and elsewhere, to stay home and not be able to enjoy the beaches and mountains that we cherish, but this is a sacrifice that we must make to protect our seniors and vulnerable people from this deadly disease,” she said. “Please stay safe at home, and enjoy the outdoors in your neighborhood or in your backyard.”

Changeable message signs will also be placed in several locations along PCH warning the public that beaches, lots, trails and parks in Malibu are closed.

Officials say the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, L.A. County Lifeguards, Sheriff’s Volunteers on Patrol (VOP) and the Malibu Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers will be out in Malibu this weekend to help enforce the closures. Violations of the closures could result in citations and fines.

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  1. Steven deValck says:

    Malibu, stay OUT of our Forest: you only bring GARBAGE, Human Waste, Dirty Clothes; Old Shoes; your Filth Mouths; and your Holier than thou Big Mouths about how COOL you are! Well you people ARE NOT Cool; Most of you are Ignorant and stupid POT Smokers with LOW I.Q.’s and we don’t want you on our Slopes. Stay at the Beach Dude!!

  2. Self centered people. You can keep your damn beach, Malibu. Your excrement stinks just like mine, you are no better than anyone else.

  3. The Donald says:


  4. Christine says:

    Perhaps it’s the seniors and immune compromised who should stay home. Let’s see, what’s the ratio: 93% healthy to 7% immune deficient. You think it makes sense to shut down the world so that healthy people can protect the elderly from a virus that no one else understand but the pretentious health elite? Who, by the way, are deeply vested in pharmaceutical and chemical companies that stand to profit in the $trillions with the impending “vaccine”???

  5. Dees says:

    So pics of celebrity’s hitting the Malibu beaches but general public not allowed? What a joke.

  6. yikes says:

    It’s like a youtube comment section

    Trying to talk to the headline

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