LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — DASH buses run shorter distances in and around the city of Los Angeles, but drivers are angry because they have been told they cannot enforce the mayor’s directives of social distancing and wearing face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Let them know that we’re afraid for our lives,” one bus driver said. “You guys are not protecting us.”

DASH drivers were afraid and angry as they shared photos of people boarding the bus without masks and ignoring social distancing guidelines after boarding with CBS Los Angeles.

“We have to pick them up,” the driver said. “They’re not standing six feet away. We have some people being coughed on.”

The buses, run by a private company that contracts with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, seat only about 30 people.

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And while changes have been made, such as boarding through the back doors only, drivers say they are not allowed to require passengers to wear a face covering, despite an order by Mayor Eric Garcetti that requires people to cover their faces while in essential businesses.

“We’re pushing that issue right now because we have an order from the mayor,” Alfonso Pallaros, a bus driver, said.

LADOT said that while masks were strongly recommended in public places, they are not mandatory on public transportation, despite the mayor’s directive and concerns of drivers.

But through it all, bus driver Elijah Green said there are some bright spots.

“There was a man that got on the other day, and the people just went berserk,” Green said. “And a gentleman handed him a mask. I thought it was lovely. I said, ‘Sir, thank you for doing that.'”

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  1. concerned mv driver says:

    What good is that mask and gloves if the driver touches her face, mask and moves her mask around while its on. She clearly moved it over her face only when the camera turned to her. That mask is contaminated inside and out if it had anything on it. She hovers over her supervisor in a intimidating fashion, completely unnecessary. Not to mention there were 7-8 employees all hanging out together. If she really cared about her safety she would protect herself first, and not be so close to the other drivers. She’s just here to make a scene, file a grievance and create chaos – then ask for a free handout. Typical Teamsters, and definitely consistent with Goldstein investigations.

  2. LOL says:

    LOL @concerned mv driver you right – that driver doesn’t have gloves on, is touching her personal keys at 0:30 AND then touches her mask without gloves on, then later has gloves on at 0:45 and touches her mask again. what a clown!

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