LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Los Angeles-based clothing company Bella Canvas Alo Yoga manufactures millions of garments each week but it’s now using its material to make millions of masks.

“We’ve seen a lot of things over the 28 years and this is something completely off the charts,” said Co-founder Marco DeGeorge. “This is very different.”

DeGeorge says the company is working around the clock to provide face coverings for low-income families, shelters, organizations and governments around the world.

“Our manufacturing facility is very unique. There’s really nothing like it in the world and so we’ve spent all this time and effort building this machine that can make really precise product so the masks were very logical,” DeGeorge said.

The company has already donated thousands of masks to different hospitals and law enforcement.

The masks are sent in large quantities as they are supposed to be thrown away after a few uses.

“You have bacteria in your mouth just naturally and over the course of many days in a row, if you have bacteria that you’re breathing in for seven days straight, that’s not going to be good for you,” he said.

George also warns that people should avoid having their masks come in contact with highly touched surfaces like our keys or countertops.

“You have to try and do your best and we need to get everyone back to some sort of normalcy,” he said. “If wearing masks is a component in that then we need to do as much as we can to make that happen.”

If you know of an organization in need of masks, send an email to facecover.donations@bellacanvas.com/a> for more information.


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