LAS VEGAS (CBSLA) – Talks are underway on how casinos in Las Vegas will operate in the COVID-19 era once they open up as early as next month.

The normally bustling Las Vegas Boulevard, a hotspot for Southern Californians, is all but abandoned amid the coronavirus shutdowns.

Of course, Vegas is driven by tourism. On Wednesday, the city’s mayor expressed outrage at the shutdown, meant to slow the spread of the virus.

“This shutdown has become one of total insanity in my opinion,” said Mayor Carolyn Goodman. “For there is no backup of data as to why we are shut down from the start. It makes no sense.”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – MARCH 19: Signs at the Aria Resort & Casino
and The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas display messages as parts of the Las Vegas Strip go dark as a result of the statewide shutdown due to the coronavirus. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Executives with Caesars Entertainment Corp., MGM Resorts International, Wynn Resorts Ltd., and Las Vegas Sands Corp. are mulling several measures that would be in place when they reopen with as little as a third of their rooms available, according to Bloomberg.

Casino entrances would be limited, guests would have their temperatures checked using noninvasive methods, and employees – including dealers – would wear masks and gloves under the plan.

Gamblers’ chairs would be placed at least one chair apart at blackjack tables, the report stated.

Executives are also considering implementing facilities near casinos so that all employees and possibly tourists can undergo COVID-19 testing.

Reopening the city, which relies on activities that entail large gatherings, may prove difficult.

“In some ways it’s easier to close than to re-open because you have to do an awful lot of thinking about what services you’re going to be able to provide to make it a compelling experience for guests,” said Gary Selesner, Caesars Palace president.

The city, the largest gambling market in the U.S., was shut down after Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered all casinos statewide to close for 30 days in mid-March to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The order was later extended to April 30.

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  1. Nope says:

    This is sooo easy: a casino gets robbed in the coming months, and the responding police officer asks for a description of the robber.

    Well, he was wearing a mask. . .

    1. Johnny Pastrana says:

      The robbery of a casino in New York already happened last month with the robbers wearing masks.

  2. John Eponym says:

    The article is just theories the writer has summoned. Those theories are inadequate.

  3. Tink says:

    “as early as next month”, in other words who knows…

  4. Steve Morrill III says:

    Not testing me everyday just to work. these better be magic gloves also. cant deal with gloves on…..

  5. MA R 100 says:

    Opening Gaming, Hotels and Conventions is only part of the problem. With a nationwide 20% plus unemployment, massive mortgage foreclosures coming, limited air travel who is really coming to Vegas for vacation? Who will want to be in a crowded casino or restaurant regardless of customer spacing, stroll down Las Vegas Blvd on a weekend night in a large crowd? Recovery for Nevada and gaming will take years and require the genus of the folks who made the state. Bet some are already lamenting the mistake of running a visionary like Steve Winn out of town and taking his business…

  6. Johnny Florentino says:

    That has to be the friggin stupidest idea known to man. OMG. You people can’t be that stupid. We elected you. How about this , take your medicine, open 25 percent ( minimum restrictions so if the people want to come they come ) on June 1st. July 4th, 50-75 percent and if all goes decently smooth open 100 percent Labor Day. Anything b4 that is gravy…….

  7. TX Marko says:

    Wait until one of these megalomaniac Governors finds out that the MOST ACCURATE TEMPERATURE taken on a human being is RECTALLY.
    Yeah, you know somebody will go there….

  8. Andrew says:

    How is this person able to report at 10:45 AM when Sisolak just had his public announcement/Covid update for the state at around 5 PM? In the entirety of the conference, he has not given any indication on mitigation measures for the state upon reopening.

    This article is speculation based upon how the Casino will operate. However, it could be that everyone wears masks and gloves, per state order. We don’t know; and neither does Sisolak as of this moment.

  9. Brad Dater says:

    So. We have a global pandemic. Which places on the planet do we open first. I got it. The Casinos. It makes sense. First the guests sit in front of a dealer whom is 1.5 feet from them. They exchange and handle cash. They exchange plastic chips every 12-15 seconds. They smoke and exchange breath via smoke and yelling and excitement. Cards are handled and passed back and forth. There are international guests as well as guests from every state whom think this whole thing is a hoax and want a break from it all so they all fly to the biggest tourist hotspot in America… Vegas. Why will this happen… $$$$$$$$$$. You will soon find out WORLD what America is all about…and the dealers will be the first to fall…It’s ok…they aren’t that educated right?

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