LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Police are looking for three men who burglarized two restaurants in Koreatown while they were open for business.

(credit: Chef Kang Sul Box)

Police say the suspects distracted the employees Monday, then went into the offices of Chef Kang Sul Box and Shuto, both on Wilshire Boulevard.

The suspects got away with $3,500 in cash from Chef Kang Sul Box and $2,800 from Shuto. They also took car keys, credit cards, checks and keys to both restaurants.

Chef Kang Sul Box pointed out in its Instagram post that restaurants are understaffed and already struggling for business amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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  1. Dana Eslinger says:

    They got tired of waiting for Reparations?

    1. Present Day says:

      They got reparations already crack cocaine

  2. Usto Thai says:

    I have picture and car license , police don’t do anything . three guy on my store on last years

    1. Rae Ellen says:

      I’m genuinely sorry that no one is doing anything for you I truly am. You are important and your Resteraunt and your employees are important. You all matter and they have all the info they need to stop people like this. Good luck to you and youre in my thoughts

    2. Same exact situation happened to me. I lost over $25,000.00 in stolen property, and the police did not even bother come at all! Unbelievable!

  3. enlightenedgamer1399 says:

    Diversity is our greatest strength.

  4. James says:

    Where are the Koreans who knew how to take care of business in 1992?

    1. Kimberly Dermit says:

      Right! I’d be on the roof with a shotgun and taking no prisoners. You didn’t mess with their stores during the riots!

  5. Jax says:

    these guys are really helping out the country’s racial profiling issues. if i owned those places i’d give em the key and post up behind the door with a sawed-off. they’re likely already locked up.

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