LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — An LAPD officer quarantined at home after being diagnosed with coronavirus opened fire on someone who was breaking into his car at his Woodland Hills home, authorities said.

The officer-involved shooting happened at about 1:28 a.m. Monday in the 22500 block of Cass Avenue. The officer had seen the suspect trying to break into his car and confronted him.

(credit: CBS)

The suspect brandished a weapon and the officer opened fire. However, the suspect was not hit and fled the area in a white car, police said.

Police say the officer and the suspect never physically touched each other, and the officer was not hurt.

The shooting is under investigation. Detectives and crime scene technicians were given personal protective equipment in order to gather evidence.

Investigators at the scene said the officer was off-duty and in quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

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  1. kwhy8strm says:

    shoot him in the butt!

  2. nfeduska says:

    Should have coughed on him.

  3. melcowire says:

    Too bad he missed

  4. David Twitchell says:

    1) The Headline is very misleading. 2) They just just about gave out the Officer’s address, so other idiots could retaliate!

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