LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A train with just under 300 military tanks was on the move Wednesday from Ventura to the Inland Empire.

Naval Base Ventura County in Point Mugu tweeted that the convoy was a routine movement of supplies to continue support of the Department of Defense.

Sky9 was overhead as the equipment passed through Pomona.

Mayor Eric Garcetti addressed the movement during his Wednesday evening briefing saying that the National Guard has not been mobilized to the city of Los Angeles.

“They have armories, they travel through Los Angeles, but officially have not been mobilized,” he said. “There are movements of troops all around our state, and to support our efforts, we have asked the governor for National Guard support for our testing sites and we anticipate asking for medical units and supplies from the military reserve to accommodate hospital overflow and other patient care planning.”

Garcetti said he would be sure to let the city know if or when the National Guard was deployed to the streets of Los Angeles.

“This is your city, I work for you,” he said. “We serve you.”

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  1. Damon says:

    There were rumors in 2019 that something big is coming involving taking down of the Deep State cabal and arrests of high level politicians, heads of corporation and celebrities involved in sedition and child sex trafficking. The warnings included the movement of military troops as we saw on 3/04/20, when 30,000 U.S. troops arrived in Italy, the same country whose officials helped in creation of the Russian conspiracy. We will see If Garcetti is telling the truth.

    1. JerryOC says:

      Where can I get a tinfoil hat? Remember Pizzagate?

      1. You don’t need one as long as your head is still up your ___.

    2. Bou says:

      Garcetti is an established liar he seldom tells the truth

  2. Gary V Graham says:

    So what is the NAVY doing with Tanks? Don’t they have enough expensive toys? Last I heard tanks don’t float!

    1. John Craig says:

      Duh, the Marines and the Navy are intertwined dude, shows how much you know about the military!

  3. Laura Karen says:

    Since when do we need all these tank for a medical MASH UNIT? Seriously?

  4. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Move on, move on, nothing going on here.

  5. Dave May says:

    Navy does not own or operate tanks. The Marines do and the Army does, but not the Navy. Those look like Army vehicles coming off a Navy transport.

  6. Ron Csinka says:

    Who do you think transports tanks off of ships? The Navy. Going to the marine base at 29 palms.

  7. Barry G Fruchter says:

    Interesting timing. Are you Trumper conspiracy theorists already blaming Nesom, Cuomo, and Pelosi? I don’t think that is what is going on. Unfortunately for YOU, quite the OPPOSITE!

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