HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — A local musician who operates a recording studio for friends in Huntington Beach needs help identifying two men who stole $30,000 worth of his instruments and audio equipment.

Security video showed two men breaking into Leo Miguez’s practice studio early Saturday morning. The thieves took all 13 of his guitars, a banjo, a cello, and audio equipment, worth more than $30,000.

“The hardest part is the guitars I had since I was 14, which is a really long time,” Miguez said. “So it’s more of an emotional attachment but it’s just terrible that someone could do that.”

Miguez’s studio is hidden in an industrial business park. He says he only opens it up to friends and acquaintances who want to practice and record.

Miguez says he reported the theft to police and posted still images of the security video on social media.

He says the thieves drove away in a black Dodge Dart.

Anyone with information about the two men or the break-in could call Huntington Beach police.

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  1. ThisIsTheList says:

    Why can’t some people just work a job like the rest of us and earn the money to buy a guitar? The video is so clear. They might as well just turn themselves in.

  2. Brad says:

    Harsher sentences are needed for those convicted of theft, regardless of the value of what’s stolen. People who steal will continue to do so. They should be kept away from normal people for as long as possible.

  3. Mothra says:

    Some California dreamers? Hey, they wuz jus’ dreamin’ of playing some musical instruments, so they went all “Bernie” and just took them for free.

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