LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – Former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory speech in Baldwin Hills Tuesday night was briefly interrupted by protesters who stormed the stage with signs reading “Let Dairy Die.”

Anti-dairy protesters interrupt Joe Biden’s victory speech in Baldwin Hills on Super Tuesday. (credit: CBSLA)

Security quickly escorted them out, and Biden continued his victory speech. But what were they protesting?

The protesters are part of a group called Direct Action Everywhere, which is a California-based animal rights group. The group’s goal is to combat factory farming by conducting undercover investigations on farms and organizing acts of civil disobedience and protests, such as interruptions of campaign rallies.

In a press release after the Tuesday night protest, the group explained that they targeted Biden because of his support of bills promoting the dairy industry.

“Biden’s ties to the dairy industry and indifference to the suffering of farmed animals – something he basically never talks about – flies in the face of everything he claims to stand for,” said Sarah Segal, one of the protesters who stormed the stage Tuesday night. “We’re asking him to stand with animal rights advocates, environmental activists, and ordinary citizens – and against the inherent violence of the dairy industry.”

DxE, as the group calls itself, says in the press release that “ordinary Americans don’t support animal cruelty, but have been deceived by large corporations with the support of politicians such as Biden.”

The protest followed others at recent Bernie Sanders rallies, where topless protesters interrupted events in Richmond, California, and Carson City, Nevada, with the same words written on their chests. Biden and Sanders are not the only targets of DxE’s efforts. They have previously protested other candidates, including Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.


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