COSTA MESA (CBSLA) – Costa Mesa city officials addressed the public Saturday regarding concerns over the possible transfer of confirmed coronavirus patients to the city.

Mayor Katrina Foley said the city was blindsided by the federal government’s plan to transfer coronavirus patients to Costa Mesa.

At a press conference, officials including Mayor Katrina Foley gathered to answer questions about the injunction filed to block the CDC and the U.S. Department of Health from transferring as many as 50 patients who have tested positive for coronavirus from Sacramento to the city’s Fairview Developmental Center.

“We saw it on the news this morning,” said Santa Ana resident William Hart, who attended the meeting. “We were shocked. We didn’t know this was happening. My wife’s been crying all day.”

Federal court papers filed Friday state that the federal government planned to transfer the patients from Travis Air Force Base on Sunday or Monday. Thursday night, Costa Mesa city officials began hearing of the plan to move between 30 and 50 patients to the state-owned land.

Foley said the city was surprised to learn that the Fairview Developmental Center was being considered for a group of patients who have tested positive for coronavirus, and city leaders filed an injunction to block the transfer in an effort to protect residents.

“We have a lot of activity in the area,” she said. “So, it’s not the kind of area that’s isolated and that would be appropriate for quarantining people who have an infectious disease.”

A federal judge Friday granted the city of Costa Mesa’s temporary restraining order requesting to block the transfer.

The largest concern was the lack of information, despite the fact that the patients were expected to arrive in a matter of days, said Costa Mesa fire chief Dan Stefano.

“There has not been an information flow, and in a situation like that, for us, it creates the greatest concern,” he said.

Officials said the patients are California residents and may be coming from the Diamond Princess cruise ship from which more than 300 U.S. citizens were removed Monday.

City manager Loriann Farrell Harrison said the city needs to know more before feeling comfortable with the transfer.

“The reason that we have followed through with an injunction is because we don’t have a lot of information. We would like to know more about who the individuals are,” she said.

The California Health and Human Services Agency released a statement Saturday regarding the possible transfer of coronavirus patients to Costa Mesa.

“The federal quarantine of former Diamond Princess cruise ship passengers at Travis Air Force Base remains a federal operation,” the statement said. “California has been working hard to support this federal effort in a way that ensures the public health and safety of our communities and the passengers themselves.”

According to the statement, the federal government has determined that anyone testing positive for coronavirus cannot stay at Travis Air Force Base, and the Fairview Developmental Center is one of the locations under consideration to quarantine the patients until the infection has cleared.

“If Fairview were chosen, the federal government would be responsible for providing health care – easing the burden on our hospitals during flu season – and for providing robust security to ensure the public safety and public health of the surrounding community,” the statement said.

In the injunction, the city of Costa Mesa said it seeks to stop the transfer until “an adequate site survey has been conducted, the designated site has been determined suitable for this purpose, all necessary safeguards and precautions have been put in place, and the public and local government have been informed of all efforts to mitigate risk of transmission of the disease.”

The temporary injunction holds off the transfer of patients until Monday, when a federal judge will hear the case.

As of Feb. 21, the CDC had only confirmed 35 cases of coronavirus in the U.S., with California’s confirmed total at 15.

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  1. Donna Syverson says:

    Cost Mesa might consider that an outbreak can happen in there area and to allow this Gov to house current patients where it si needed.

  2. Marcia Amino says:

    It would be nice if the feds would work with the city government and to ensure that the facility is appropriate to not allow transference of this virus to Costa Mesa residents. This is a health issue for everyone involved and I applaud CM in their efforts to protect the health & safety of their residents.

  3. Laura Burk says:

    When did the total number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the US jump from 34 to over 70? This only proves that the CDC and the federal government are lying to the American people. Somebody needs to be explaining themselves.

  4. Didi says:

    Why can’t they be taken to Miramar Air Base which is already housing quarantined persons? It almost seems like CV patients are being spread around as much as possible. We had 5 placed at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane Washington yesterday. Why couldn’t they have been place in Seattle with the other CV patients? Giant train wreck happening….

  5. Randy Scott says:

    This story makes zero sense. The total # of confirmed cases in the U.S. is 35, yet you are stating that 70 confirmed cases are being transferred here. Dear God, follow a little Journalism 101 and get your facts straight before running your article, which is spreading false claims and creating undue stress on your readers.

  6. Juanita G says:

    What if the patients say “fine, we’ll just head to our homes and conduct business as usual”? Cali is all peace and love until it’s in their backyard. Their current stance might make things worse.

  7. teven B says:

    those infected need to be housed in quarantine on military bases. how about Camp Pendleton or miramir as suggested above.

  8. You would have thought the Feds and local government would have a system in place knowing that at some point an epidemic like this was coming but nope.

  9. Jo Blow says:

    It’s called depopulation. 1. The deep state wants this virus to hit hard. It is losing it’s grip on power. It released the virus to cover itself. Epstein/Clinton child rape organization, Trump/Obama and their destruction of the economy. Bush/Clinton/Obama wars. The collapsing of societies due to all the failures and corruption of the government. 9/11 inside job to get everything going, etc… Basically they are trying to retain their power. They see Bernie getting elected and shutting down the military industrial complex. They are doing everything they can.

    The goal is to spread the virus, kill off enough people to create mass confusion, panic, etc and buy them time to do whatever insane things they are working on. If you notice, EVERY step of the way has been total “incompetence”. WHO, Cruise ship, etc along with complete fabrication of the numbers.

    2. The fact is that if you bring any infected people in to a location then that location becomes a ground zero for the infection. That is basic infectious diseases and virology 101 and just common sense. You see how they can’t even quarantine the ship properly(watch the video by the Japanese doctor/scientist).

    3. The goal is to keep people in the dark long enough to maximize damage. If panic sets in too soon then people self-quarantine and that prevents the virus from spreading. Supplies will vanish and then people start rioting, etc… If they are not sick.

    When enough die then it makes it easier for the deep state to do whatever it is doing. One must connect all the pieces of the puzzle:

    9/11(inside job to justify attacking Muslims for Mossad), police state(it’s been ramping up greatly last few years), All the elections fraud(Hillary, Buttigieg, etc), All the bailouts(Obama/Wallstreet/Big banks), All the wars, The destruction of the healthcare system(Obama), The “space force”(Trump), etc… and so much more that you don’t know about.

    99% of government is a jobs program to boost employment numbers and make it look like the economy is not as bad as it is. It’s full of clueless people that only follow orders and care nothing about helping society, it’s just a job to them, and easy job with lots of benefits and no accountability.

    The purpose of releasing the virus in China was because it would be a super spreader event(due to their amassing for the NY) and give cover(wet market theory which is total BS) and severely weaken China. [We don’t know if it was done by the deep state or they are just capitalizing on it or if all this is just due to the pure ignorance of the US government. China could have done it to weaken the US(yes, because it can control the outbreak much easier and save far more than US can, so it sacrifices a little to gain a lot). It could have been released by any number of governments or terrorist organizations and they could release more]

    Any case, all we can do is sit back and watch the building fall. Who you let lead you, it turns out, does matter, who would have thunk it?

  10. John Dorusinec says:

    Is a blessing from the SATAN to Governments,that struggle greatly for luck of funds,for Social Security,PENSION payments,to the “useless Eaters”,thats me over 60

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