DESERT HOT SPRINGS (CBSLA) — A 61-year-old felon was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation after police say he broke into a home, took off his pants and cooked breakfast.

(credit: CBS)

Carl Cimino, of Desert Hot Springs, was found Tuesday after the family woke up about 7:30 a.m. and heard someone yelling and banging on a kitchen counter.

According to the Desert Sun, two 19-year-olds and a 14-year-old found Cimino in their kitchen making scrambled eggs with baloney and ranch dressing, and eating flan.

Cimino was taken into custody with the help of a K-9 about 45 minutes later, wearing no pants and speaking incoherently, according to the newspaper. None of the teenagers were hurt and there was no damage to the home. Cimino is believed to have gotten into the house through an unlocked door.

The three teenagers told the newspaper they were laughing about the incident after their initial surprise, especially by the intruder’s decision to eat flan they had bought from a store.

“I would’ve been mad if I made flan and he ate it,” Melanie Rivera told the Sun.

Cimino made his first court appearance Thursday, pleading not guilty to a burglary charge. Records show he was previously charged with burglary, domestic violence and child endangerment.

The judge ordered him to undergo a psychological evaluation return and to court on April 16.