BEVERLY HILLS (CBSLA) — Artist Chemical X brought a dose of Skid Row to Beverly Hills this weekend.

He, along with his Instagram followers, drove luxury tents down Rodeo Drive in an effort to raise awareness of the homeless crisis.

The tents were covered with famous luxury logos like Chanel and Gucci.

“It’s a piece of art and people need to just see it and reflect on it,” said Chemical X. “I think people have stopped seeing the homeless or, if they do, it doesn’t engage them anymore.”

The artist wanted to bring attention to the homeless problem in LA. Beverly Hills has a homeless population of about 16, while Skid Row has 2,500.

Chemical X will donate all of the profits and future sales from the Skid Row-Rodeo Drive art piece to the Los Angeles Community Action Network.

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  1. You Do Nothing says:

    Clowns like this seem to have a lot of money to toss away on these acts of self aggrandizement.

  2. LaVista DelMar says:

    indeed. an idiot who has not delved into why the county has an onslaught of homeless and vagrants. all he’s really saying i let embrace homeless squalor, drug and feces in every corner of the city.

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