COMPTON (CBSLA) — The City of Compton is about to get a major makeover.

Compton city officials Friday announced new infrastructure and beautification projects coming in 2020. Officials said they now have a plan and funding to tackle the city’s potholes and crumbling streets.

“The repairs go hand-in-hand with other beautification projects that we’re working together on as a council,” said City Councilmember Michelle Chambers.

“From graffiti removal to illegal dumping, to lighting projects within our city, we are constantly working to make sure that our city is beautified and restored to what we know it can be.”

According to city leaders, $5.8 million will be spent on road repairs in 2020, on top of the $4.5 million that was allocated during the last fiscal year.

Compton’s Mayor Aja Brown said Friday that this is a problem that has plagued the city for decades, with 70 percent of the roads now in need of repair.

“This will be the largest investment in residential street improvements that have been made at one time in the City of Compton for over 20 years,” Brown said.

Some of the road repairs had already begun Friday afternoon on 130th Street.

Residents said deteriorating road conditions in the area cause hazards and damage cars.

Dawn Frank, whose family has lived in the area for five generations, said she was fed up with the rough roads.

“I live on this street, I drove on this street,” she said. “There were times where I was frustrated, irritated, but today has brought so much joy.”

Recently, the Compton City Council approved a measure authorizing approximately $2.5 Million to be spent on road repair services citywide. This brought the City’s total to over $3.5 Million of funding being committed to road repairs in just 6 months.

The city hopes to have plans and funding to fix half of the roads by the end of the fiscal year.