LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The high-speed rail line project from Southern California to Las Vegas has hit a big roadblock.

A letter from the federal government put the project on hold Wednesday because the administration wants to make sure California’s plan is on track before giving final approval.

If approved, the goal is that the $300 million project would not only get people where they need to go, but also encourage economic growth along the track.

The tracks from Victorville to Las Vegas could now be operational in three years.

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  1. Ziggy says:


  2. Bo says:

    “get people where they need to go” not many people need to get to Victorville.

    1. Chuck Kassing says:

      Vicrtorville is the stop off from Los Angeles.. its the connector to the Vegas railhead. AND A LOT OF PPL GO FROM LA TO VEGAS!

  3. JOE says:

    I am 100% for expanding rail service as long as it makes sense. But, I have no intention of driving 90+ minutes so that I can then catch a train to LV. They need to find a way to have the line flow to LA Union Station or somewhere centralized in LA. If not, I am not sure if the ridership is going to be there.

  4. mannyo8975 says:

    This isn’t accurate. California high speed rail authority isn’t building a rail line to Vegas. A private company is doing it.

  5. Scott Benton says:

    Here’s the headline today “California mayors have united to ask the Trump Administration for help with homeless population in their cities” (Links below)

    Here’s an idea. Take this 300 million from this leisure weekend in Vegas rail system, and fix your homeless problem yourselves. It’s 100% failed liberal policies that created your homeless situation to begin with. Squandering 300M on a rail system to Vegas is beyond irresponsible, when at the same time you’re asking Trump to bail you out.

    It sure appears Failifornia has no problem endlessly attacking Trump.
    If it were up to me I’d kick Failifornia out of the union completely. Your state is a huge embarrassment to the rest of the country.


    1. Brian says:

      Scott, you understand that it’s a private company investing $300MM to build a private high speed rail line? It’s not tax-payer money. I realize that with your attitude you don’t or won’t probabvly care or differentiate but it’s important for the other readers here to understand.

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