ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — Two men were arrested in Anaheim Monday after police found more than 150 firearms — some of which are illegal to own in California — in their home.

Anaheim police seized more than 150 firearms, including some that are illegal to own in the state of California, from a home in Anaheim. (Credit: Anaheim PD)

According to Anaheim police, officers responded to a residential alarm call near the intersection of West Broadway and Archer Street.

Police searched the residence and found 156 firearms, many illegal assault rifles, and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Aaron Linss, 54, and Daniel Moore, 42 were arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal firearms. Police said there was no indication that the firearms were used in a crime or that there were plans to use them in a crime.

According to police, the initial burglary alarm that called them to the home was an accidental activation.

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  1. Not likely says:

    But no actual crimes other than modern configurations of every day firearms. One day this will end very badly for us all. As political winds send in armed troops aka PEACE OFFICERS to do something that they took an oath not to do then get upset when a peace officer is rightly confronted with armed defenses of ones life liberty and property it’s not the politician that pays the price for this assault on the people it’s the officer that most likely doesn’t get to go home. I find it particularly offensive that the people they are attacking in these situations are the same ones that would put their own life in danger protecting those peace officers by using a weapon to defend a peace officer if he came across one being attacked. Officers need to stand with gun owners on this one. The life you save may be your own.

  2. milcron says:

    What the founding fathers would have considered illegal search and seizure.

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