PALMS (CBSLA) — Police swarmed a suspected illegal pot dispensary in a dramatic raid in Palms Thursday afternoon detaining dozens.

The massive raid happened just before 2 p.m. when officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Bureau of Cannabis Control descended on the marijuana dispensary on Venice and Sepulveda boulevards. Officers could be seen removing boxes, glass cases and even the barriers that separated customers from employees.

Investigators said they found $300,000 worth of illegal products — including 600 illegal vapes.

Former customers who came to the store after the raid said they shopped there because it was cheaper to get products at illegal weed shops.

“It’s just so hard, because I have to pay so much more now at a legal one with the taxes,” one woman said. “But if I can come here and pay $20 less, where am I going to go?”

Police said that when they raid suspected illegal dispensaries, they have to take everything to make it even harder for the locations to secretly reopen.

“I’m sad, very sad,” another woman said. “Now I have to go find a new one.”

Former customers who came after the raid said they shopped here because it’s cheaper to get product at illegal weed shops.

And while there were a number of people initially detained by police during the raid, a total of six people were cited.


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