QEAGLE ROCK (CBSLA) — A homeowner in Eagle Rock was on high alert Monday night after security cameras captured a woman defecating in front of her home.

This came after cameras caught two women sitting in a car shuffling through several packages before dumping their trash on the street.

“I saw that a package had been opened, and it was addressed to someone living in downtown which is about 30 minutes from here, and it just didn’t feel right,” Tami Kovacs, an Eagle Rock resident, said.

Kovacs said there were two women inside of a car that was parked outside of her home Sunday morning for more than two hours. At one point, Kovacs said one of the women threw an Amazon box that had been ripped open and emptied onto the ground.

“I saw them throwing the empty box and they had a whole bunch of other packages they were shuffling around in the back,” Kovacs said.

But it was what happened next that shocked the homeowner the most — one woman got out of the car, pulled down her pants and defecated in front of Kovacs’ home.

“She did her doo, and got back in the car,” Kovacs said. “And I was the lucky one to have to clean it up.”

The women then took off, leaving Kovacs puzzled as to why the vehicle was parked in front of her home for so long.

“The neighbors really look out for each other, but this is just the type of behavior that is a big red flag,” Kovacs said.