VICTORVILLE (CBSLA) — An Inland Empire mother and grandmother who left nearly two weeks ago for a spa day in San Diego still has not returned home leaving her family desperate for answers.

“The Sunday before she went missing, she’s like, ‘Hey, I’m headed home, I’m getting dressed,'” Treniese Gill, the woman’s daughter, said.

Izetta Burney, 53, said she was on her way home from the spa — about a two hour drive — but she never made it back. Gill said Burney hasn’t answered her phone or used her bank cards since, and her black BMW has not turned up either.

Izetta Burney was said to have been driving her black BMW to Victorville from San Diego before she went missing. (Family photo)

“Did she get kidnapped? Did somebody hurt her,” Gill said. “Did she drive off a cliff with all this bad weather?”

Burney already missed Thanksgiving, which is very unlike the Army veteran and grandmother who always spent the holidays with her family.

“I want her to be home for Christmas,” Gill said. “I’m sorry. Oh wow that hit hard.”

Burney also hasn’t shown up to her management job at the union where she’s worked for 20 years, and she hasn’t gone to see her mother, either, especially worrying because she was her caregiver.

“She puts everybody first, and I think that’s where a lot of her fatigue came from,” Gill said.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department is actively investigating the missing person case, but have not found any evidence of foul play. Gill hopes that the public can help detectives find her mom.

“It takes time,” she said. “And the time is excruciating.”


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