LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Eyelash extensions are a huge beauty trend—the bigger the better. But there could be lice lurking in those lush lashes.

They aren’t able to be seen to the naked eye, but the debris left behind is visible. Doctors say they’re seeing more and more patients with this issue.

(credit: CBS2)

Unlike the larger mites, or lice typically found on children, these are much smaller. Dr David Samimi, an oculoplastic surgeon with Dignity Health, says they can be transferred to anyone, but are more likely to affect those with lash extensions because of the foreign body around the eye.

Plus, eyelash extensions are known to be hard to clean.

Eyelash lice is typically pretty easy to treat. “Typically patients will clean with tea tree oil, to remove debris in the eyelids,” said Samimi. “We can also do deep cleanings in the office.”

The average treatment takes about 6 weeks.



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