(CBS Local)– David Krumholtz is 41 years old and has been acting professionally for almost 30 years.

The actor was one of the stars of “Numbers” on CBS with Judd Hirsch and has worked with everyone from Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill in “Super Bad” to actors that have passed away like Heath Ledger and Brittany Murphy. Krumholtz’s latest project is called “Crown Vic” and this weighty story about life for Los Angeles police officers is much different from the stuff he’s done in the past.

“It’s always great when you make a smaller movie and it turns out as well as it did,” said Krumholtz in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It’s a very controversial film. It’s got some ambiguity about its subject matter and we leave to the audience to decide. It’s not overreaching to make you decide one way or another about police brutality and police ethics. You go in with your preconceived notions and you leave further embattled with your own perspective on the subject matter, which is why I love it.”

The movie with Thomas Jane and Luke Kleintank tells the story of two police officers riding around Los Angeles in a Crown Victoria on a particularly violent night. While Krumholtz has been in a lot of great movies and shows, he likes to remember the experiences based on the people he got the chance to work with and interact with.

“For me it’s about getting out and making the most of opportunities in challenging situations,” said Krumholtz. “Brittany Murphy was a friend that I worked with on a movie called Sidewalks of New York. Then of course Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You. Both were lovely young people who I saw and envisioned as old folks being classy at Hollywood parties in the year 2050 and they just didn’t make it and it’s sadly indicative of the business we are in. No one is numb to the idea that famous people die young and those have been really difficult moments for me because you want to grab them and shake them before they make the mistake.”

“Crown Vic” hits theaters in New York November 8 and in Los Angeles November 15.


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