CANOGA PARK (CBSLA) — A Canoga Park shoe store remained temporarily closed for business after a chain-reaction crash that sheared a fire hydrant caused the roof of the store to collapse on Sunday night.

On Monday morning, the damage to the building was clear as the roof of the building was completely caved in.

The driver of one of the cars was arrested on suspicion of DUI, but officers with the Los Angeles Police Department said she didn’t cause the accident — rather, she was struck by another vehicle.

The two vehicles then collided into the fire hydrant that sent water everywhere. Nine people were hurt, including a family with a small child and shoppers.

A woman said she was inside paying for shoes with the roof came down, and another witness was walking down the street when he heard the crash.

“I heard a bling, bling smash,” he said. “I’m so lucky I was walking on this side of the track and not that side.”

After the crash, employees were forced to close the store, and waterlogged shoes were seen on the curb.

On Monday night, security guards were seen outside of the red-tagged building ensuring nobody went inside.


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