SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) —  The owner of a Santa Monica jewelry store named “Heist” successfully fought off thieves attempting, well, a heist.

The owner was tending to his inventory Thursday afternoon when a masked suspect entered and smashed a display case with a hammer.

He grabbed the thief and pushed him outside, where a second masked suspect struck him with a sledgehammer.

After a short struggle, the suspects left empty-handed.

“They took nothing,” the store’s manager told CBSLA.  “They didn’t get anything. We heisted them, they didn’t heist us.”

According to Santa Monica Police, the thieves jumped into a getaway car and were eventually tracked down by officers and arrested.

“They were caught because a guy outside in the Tesla, who is a customer of ours, saw them running up the street so he followed their car and was on the phone with the police the entire time,” the store manager said.

There was a fourth suspect who police say missed the getaway car and eventually arrested.

Three of the four suspects were minors and all were booked for robbery and assault.

The owner suffered only minor injuries.