CULVER CITY (CBSLA) — A Culver City police officer’s body cam captured the tense moment an officer helped a little boy who was choking.

As his mother sobbed and rocked the boy’s limp body, the officer reached out and took the boy, turning him over and thumped him firmly on the back.

“Hey, come on, come on,” the officer is heard saying. After a moment, the officer says, “he’s coughing.”

The video shows the boy later being carried out of the home, his arms hanging limp. But he survived the frightening ordeal on July 22 and was able to meet the officers who saved his life.

Culver City police Officers Patricia Banda and Brandon Simon were honored Tuesday by the Culver City City Council for their heroic actions on July 29.

The officers took a picture with the family, including the unidentified boy who flashed a thumbs up, who came to Tuesday night’s meeting to support and thank the officers.


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