LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A Marina Del Rey Company claims its fire protection product can keep homes from burning, but a new lawsuit claims the product does no such thing.

The company, Sun Fire Defense, claimed that its exterior coating product, SPF 3000, protects homes from wildfires, heat and embers. It also claimed the coating could extinguish flames.

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In a Monday news conference, Los Angeles City Attorny Mike Feuer said the product did none of those things.

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“Our expert tested both treated and untreated wood, and in the course of that test found that the untreated wood and the treated wood performed about the same,” Feuer said. “Also, SPF 3000, this product contains two chemicals that California law presumes to be hazardous, because they’re toxic.”

Sun Fire Defense did not immediately return calls requesting comment.

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The DA’s office said those whose homes were coated in the product should call 213-978-8070.