RIVERSIDE (CBSLA)   — Noah Easley was at a pool party with some friends.

A group of teens knocked on the door — allegedly a young woman at the party called some friends over.

It all escalated into a fight outside and Easley. 19, was punched in the mouth — by someone wearing brass knuckles .

Easley told CBS2/KCAL9’s Nicole Comstock he could feel something bad happened right away.

“I kinda felt my teeth caved into my mouth,” he says.

This incident happened on the night of July 22.

He lost the three bottom teeth and will require thousands of dollars in surgery to fix the damage — about $13,000 in total. It will cost about $3,000 to remove the broken teeth and the rest to replace what’s missing.

Surveillance video captured the melee.  Before he got punched, Easley says he saw the brass knuckles.

Easley can be seen running toward the camera on the porch.

To this day, he doesn’t know why the young woman called the other guys to come over. Or why when they showed up they asked Easley and his friends to step outside.

“I kinda think she knew exactly what she was doing,” Easley says, “I just don’t think she really cared about anyone else’s well-being at that point.”

“They’re on a rampage with this thing and they think they’re really brave because they have this weapon,” says James Easley, Noah’s father.

He says he’s not only stuck trying to pay a $13,000 dental bill, but another of Noah’s friends also had to have dental work done — when he says the same group of young men broke his teeth with brass knuckles three months before.

James says the group threatens other kids on the internet and sends them messages saying things like “You’re next.”

(credit: CBS)

The Riverside Police Department told Comstock they have names of potential suspects and they are actively investigating both cases as felony assaults with a deadly weapon.

It’s illegal to own brass knuckles in the state of California.

Police said these attacks are extremely dangerous and concerning.

The Easley family feels like the second incident could have been prevented if police caught the suspects after the first attack.

“These kids are still getting away with whatever they want and inflicting harm on people with no repercussions,” says Noah.

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