DIAMOND BAR (CBSLA) —  Authorities said a female suspect who was wanted for speeding and who crashed into two vehicles during a chase is in custody.

The unidentified suspect was in Orange County driving a silver Hyundai when the chase began just before 8 p.m.

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The chase also wended through the northbound 57 Freeway and LA County. She ended up crashing in Diamond Bar, near the 60 Freeway.

During the chase, the suspect fled the vehicle and ran into a Diamond Bar neighborhood where she attempted to blend in and evade capture.

The male passenger was apprehended immediately.

The woman ran — scaling several walls and running through a wash — through several backyards in the Crooked Creek area and ended up inside a home owned by Brenda Duchemin.

She told CBS2/KCAL9’s Rachel Kim she was hosting a Buddhist meeting when they first heard the choppers and then her dogs barking.

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At this point, the suspect entered her kitchen.

“I came from this direction,” said Duchemin, pointing to her living room. “And she was already in my house by the time I got here and she closed my back door. And then she grabbed a hold of me and said ‘You gotta help me.’ She said she had been in a car accident and her boyfriend was seriously hurt. It didn’t make any sense.”

Duchemin said she had no time to respond when she saw an officer outside the door. “She kind of mouthed to me — did someone come into your house? And I was so thankful to see her at this point, and I said yes, and she came in. And she had the woman get down on the floor.”

Authorities said they received a call from a male passenger saying the woman was threatening to crash the vehicle. It was unclear if the passenger was a victim of a crime.

He was also taken into custody for questioning.

The suspect crashed into her first vehicle in Orange County. A second crash occurred in Los Angeles County, according to the CHP.

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Kim said no injuries were reported.