LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)  — A chase of a stolen Mercedes Sunday literally had “A Best Of” of pursuits.

A crash into a light pole, near missed, lots of side-swiping, some hairpin turns, spike strips galore, the suspect driving fast and erratically, fishtailing.  At one point, he nearly t-boned a LAPD patrol car.

Unlike Saturday’s wild chase, no costumes, wigs, high-fives or beach runs — but everything else.

Sunday’s chase lasted nearly an hour.

Sky9’s Desmond Shaw was overhead for every dangerous twist and turn.

Several times Shaw exclaimed, “This guy looks like he’s going to lose control” and a few times the driver did just that.

The car appeared to be a loaner vehicle from Keyes on Van Nuys.  It was unclear if the car was taken from the dealership or from someone using the loaner for “more legit purposes than this.”

In summation, Shaw called it “a very crazy pursuit…this guy has been flying on freeways.”

Police eventually disabled the vehicle with two-three spike strips. The suspect drove a few blocks but realized he was losing complete car of the vehicle. He got out with his hands up and surrendered peacefully.


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