RIVERSIDE (CBSLA)  — Riverside Police are hoping a $10,000 reward will help lead them to the suspect who gunned down a beloved mother of four.

CBS2/KCAL9’s Nicole Comstock says police have few leads.

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Tonight, she spoke to one of Linda Ferguson’s daughters.

As she looked at pictures of her mom — “this is my younger sister and my mom.” — every picture reminds her of the laughs and the good times she shared with her mom — an apartment manager who tenants said was always there to help them.

Ferguson was gunned down six weeks ago.

Sharing smiles with her mom are only memories now, in photographs. But she hasn’t forgotten her mom’s smile.

“That was kind of our thing,” Keshara says.

Ferguson raised four loving children and they say her spirit was pure. She manager her building with care and when residents were struggling, they said she would bring them boxes of food.

“I miss her literally every second,” Keshara says. “I know we were the last things on her mind, me and my siblings. I know she thought about us.”

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Her kids still have trouble wrapping their minds around the careless way she was killed.

It was just before 4 in the morning back on June 6th when Ferguson and her boyfriend CJ noticed someone breaking into cars outside their apartment building on Cedar Street in Riverside. CJ was looking out to protect his neighbor’s property when he told the suspect to stop and leave.

But police say the suspect got in a car, circled back around and fired a gun at their home. A single bullet hit and killed Ferguson.

“It’s just hard that we couldn’t help her. We couldn’t be there to console her,” Keshara says.

Detectives said they initially found forensic evidence in the area but it didn’t turn up a suspect and there have been no new leads.

They’re hoping the reward will change that.

“Anything she could do to help someone else out. She would do it in a heartbeat and not think twice,” says Keshara. Now she says the family is hoping someone does the same for her mom.

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“Realistically, we can act like we’re okay. But we are not okay,” Keshara says, “And until we figure out who did this, we won’t be.”