RIDGECREST (CBSLA) — The steady string of aftershocks that have been rumbling around Ridgecrest appear to be headed for a fault that could cause a devastating earthquake of magnitude 8 or more.

Micro earthquakes have been shaking Ridgecrest since it was hit by a 7.1 quake on July 5, less than 48 hours after a 6.4 foreshock.

The latest relatively moderate shaker was a 4.6 that struck Coso Junction after 9 p.m. Wednesday. It was followed in quick succession by two earthquakes that were both magnitude-3.4.

The Los Angeles Times says the aftershocks appear headed southeast toward the Garlock Fault, the second-biggest in the state at 160 miles long. The Garlock Fault is capable of producing an earthquake of magnitude-8 or more, according to the newspaper.