(CBS Local)– Drake Bell spent several years of his life working with Josh Peck and would love to do something with him again.

The former Nickelodeon star is busy these days touring the world as a musician, but Bell is interested in putting a new twist on his old show “Drake & Josh.”

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“The show has taken on a whole new life in the last couple of years,” said Bell in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It never really was what people see it as now. We were just these kids on a Nickelodeon show. It didn’t seem to be the same as it is now. We never really felt like we had a big show. I would never want to do Drake & Josh college years or where are they now. I think it would be funny if it was Drake Bell or Josh Nickels older, but is that a Jimmy Fallon sketch or a YouTube sketch? It would have to be some funny or creative twist. I would definitely want to get back together.”

Bell played music throughout his run on “Drake & Josh” and his new song “Fuego Lento” is available to stream now. The 33-year-old got his own show on Nickelodeon after a successful run on “The Amanda Show”, and he was blown away right off the bat by how gifted Bynes was as a performer.

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“I was a huge fan of Amanda just because of All That,” said Bell. “She was a huge star to me. I loved All That and I was already an admirer of her talent. Everything came so naturally to her. There was never a time when she was really off her game. Everything was so effortless.”

While Bell is best known for his time on Nickelodeon, the actor started his career with small roles on “Jerry Maguire” and in an episode “Seinfeld.” Bell will never forget watching actors like Tom Cruise and Jason Alexander at the peak of their fame.

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“I got to work with legends. I got to work with Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Renée Zellweger,” said Bell. “He [Tom] was very approachable and seeing him interact with the fans and the crew was something really cool to see for a young actor of my age. I was on the fourth to last episode [of Seinfeld]. I came on in one scene and I had a couple of lines. Everyone was so nice. It was really cool to see that. Jason came onto another movie I was on recently just a couple of years ago. He is so talkative and he has so many stories. Everyone has Seinfeld questions. He made it to where everyone felt so comfortable to know it was okay to ask anything you wanted.”